How to make TIN and name corrections

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A TIN or Name correction should be made when a form, or forms, is filed with the incorrect recipient TIN or name.

To create a correction, the original tax forms must have been filed with eFileMyForms. Otherwise, it’s not possible for our service to create corrections.

Additionally, tax forms can only be corrected after you've received a notification that the order has been accepted by the IRS and SSA. You’ll receive e-mail updates letting you know when your order has been accepted. If you don’t receive an email, check your spam folder first for any emails from eFileMyForms.

The process is the following:

  1. Perform a zero correction, which cancels or zeroes out the information that was previously filed with the IRS or SSA under the incorrect TIN and name combination.
  2. Create a new form with the correct TIN and name combination.
  3. Place an order with the corrected and the new form.

Performing a zero correction and a TIN/name correction

  1. Click Order History.


  2. Click the Order number for the order that has the form you want to correct.


  3. On the Order Details page, select the form that you need to correct. For this example, I will be correcting a 1099-NEC form.


  4. A copy of the form you filed will appear. Click Amount Correction.


  5. A pop-up window will appear to remind you that correcting the form will require you to complete a new order. Click OK.


  6. A new copy of the form will appear. The corrected box will be checked on this copy of the form.


  7. Now delete and zero out, all the amounts in the boxes you’ve filled.
  8. When you're done, click Save Form.


  9. A correction form will be added to your home screen.


Creating a new form

  1. Click Add New Form.


  2. On the Start a New Filing page, select a form type.


    The new form type must be the same as the original form you’re correcting.

  3. Select the filer you reported the original form from. To select a filer, click the associated circle icon in the Select column. Then, click Continue.


  4. On the Select a recipient page, you must correct the recipient's information before creating the new form. Select the recipient, then click Edit Recipient.


  5. You’ll be taken to the recipient information page. Here you will be able to edit the recipient’s TIN, name, and other information. Once you’ve entered the correct TIN/name combination, click Save.



  6. You’ll be taken back to the Select a recipient Make sure the appropriate recipient is selected, then click Continue.


  7. Your selected form type will appear. Fill in the boxes with the same amounts you had on the original form, then click Save Form.


  8. On the Home page add both your correction form and your newly created form to your cart. Then, when you’re ready, click My Cart to begin the checkout process.


    You’ll be billed for both the correction and the newly created form.

Be on the lookout for a confirmation e-mail from eFileMyForms about the status of your orders. If you do not receive an e-mail within 3 days, check your spam folder. You can also check the status of your order on the Order history page.




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