How to resubmit rejected forms

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A form, or forms, can be rejected by the IRS for many reasons. Some of the most common errors is a BLANK TIN on 1099 forms or an invalid name/TIN combo like on 1095 forms. Rejected forms may lead to significant financial penalties, so it’s strongly encouraged that you correct the error.

The following process must be repeated for all of the rejected forms in your order.

  1. Go to Order History.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Order History button.

  2. Click the Order Number of the form(s) you would like to resubmit. The orders that were rejected will be labeled Rejected in the Status column.

    Image of the Order History page with a callout on two rejected forms/orders.

  3. Click the form you’d like to edit and resubmit.


  4. This will take you to the Rejected Form screen where you can make the necessary changes.

    Image the Rejected Form page showing a previously filed form that has been rejected by the IRS/SSA.

  5. Once the form is ready to be resubmitted click Fix Form and Resubmit.

    Image of the Rejected Form page with a callout on the Fix Form and Resubmit button.

  6. Click OK on the pop-up.

    Image of a popup window with a callout on the OK button.

    Clicking OK will resubmit the form to the IRS/SSA. Do not select this option until you are certain your revision is complete.

  7. Your form will be resubmitted to the IRS/SSA. You’ll receive a confirmation email from the IRS/SSA once the resubmission has been accepted.


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