How to correct and file a 1094-C authoritative transmittal

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After placing an order for 1095-C and 1094-C ACA forms, follow the following steps.

  1. Click Order History.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Order History page.

  2. Click the Order Number that contains the filer with the non-authoritative 1094-C that you would like to correct.

    Image of the Order History page with a callout on the Order # column.

  3. On the Order Details page, click the link for any of the forms listed in the Transmittal Status column. This will bring you to a copy of the 1094-C that you previously filed.

    Image of the Order Details page with a callout on the Transmittal Status column.

    The link in the Transmittal Status column will be shown as either Transmittal Accepted by the IRS, Transmittal Accepted with Errors by the IRS, or Transmittal Rejected by the IRS, Review and Re-Save.

  4. Click Create Correction. This will allow you to edit any field on the 1094-C.

    Image of an example 1094-C correction form with a callout on the Create Correction button.

  5. To select the 1094-C as a 1094-C Authoritative Transmittal, select the Line 19 checkbox. Clicking this will replace the Save button with Next Step. Click Next Step to access Part II, Part III, and possibly Part IV (depending on the options you select) of the 1094-C form.

    Image of an example 1094-C Authoritative Transmittal form with a callout on the Next Step button.

    For information on how to complete these sections, go to the IRS instructions, IRS 1094-C Instructions, starting on Page 2.

  6. Select Complete Transmittal once you've completed all your 1094-C corrections. This will send your corrected 1094-C Authoritative Transmittal to the IRS.

    Image of an example Authoritative Transmittal form with a callout on the Complete Transmittal button.

    eFileMyForms doesn‘t charge an additional fee for this service.

  7. Be sure to confirm that your 1094-C Authoritative Transmittal was accepted by the IRS. This generally happens within 7 days of filing. You can check the status of your transmittal on the Order History page.

You only need to file one 1094-C Authoritative transmittal per filer for each tax year.

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