How to file 1099 and W-2 amount corrections (after IRS/SSA filing)

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  1. Click Order History.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Order History button.

  2. Click the Order number for the order that has the form you want to correct.

    Image of the Order History page with a callout on the Order Number column.

  3. On the Order Details page, click the form that you want to correct. For this example, we’ll be correcting a 1099-MISC form.

    Image of the Order Details page with a callout on a form in the Form column.

  4. Click Amount Correction, this will cause a pop-up window to appear.

    Image of an example 1099-MISC form with a callout on the Amount Correction button.

  5. The pop-up window will explain that correcting the form will require you to complete a new order. Click OK.

    Image of an eFileMyForms confirmation pop-up window with a callout on the OK button.

  6. On the Correcting Form page, you can adjust the various fields to the appropriate amounts. Note that the Corrected box will be checked on this copy of the form. When you finish, click Save Form. This will add the corrected form to your Home screen.

    Image of an example of a 1099-MISC correction form with a callout on the Save Form button and the Corrected box.

  7. On the Home screen, find your corrected form and add it to your cart.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the 1099-MISC correction form that was created.

  8. Go through the checkout process and place an order for your corrected form.

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