How to delay the processing of your order

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eFileMyForms customers have the option to delay the processing of their orders. This can be useful if you want your order to be filed on a specific date.

The delayed order process is done during checkout. The order you want to delay must be in your Shopping Cart before you can begin the process. For more information on how to place an order read our How to place an order article.

  1. On the Shopping Cart page make sure all the forms you want delayed are listed. Once all forms are in your cart, click Secure Checkout.

    Image of the Shopping Cart page with a callout on the Secure Checkout button.

  2. On the Terms of Service page accept the terms of service by clicking the checkbox and then clicking Continue.

    Image of the Terms of Service page with a callout on the Continue button.

  3. If this is your first order, enter your billing and payment information first. If you’d like to update your payment information you can click Change this card.


  4. Click Review your order.

    Image of the secure checkout page with a callout on the Review Your Order button.

  5. In the Processing Options box, click the Scheduled button. Then click the calendar icon.

    Image of the Review Order page with a callout on the Delayed Processing Options box.

  6. A calendar will appear. Select the date you would like your order to be processed on.

    Image of the scheduled processing calendar.

  7. Click Submit and Pay.


Important Details:

  • The date selected is the earliest date that the order will be processed. It can still take 1-2 days to print, mail, and eFile after this date.
  • If a date is selected that is past the eFileMyForms Order Completion Deadline, then eFileMyForms will override your selection and process the order before the deadline.
  • This option only delays the processing of your tax forms, your credit card will be charged when the order is placed.

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