State reporting pricing for CA 592-B and federally tax-exempt municipal (muni) bonds

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eFileMyForms offers tiered pricing, which means that the more forms or filings you submit in a single order, the less expensive each filing might be. Filing volume, however, doesn’t accumulate across multiple orders.

CA 592-B/Federally tax exempt municipal bonds*
Forms per order eFile only (quarterly) eFile and Print (year-end) 
1-10  $3.69  $4.49 
11-50  $3.49  $4.29 
51-100 $2.99  $3.99 
101-250  $2.29  $3.49 
251-500  $1.99  $2.99 


1,000+ $0.99 $1.99


The CA 592-B table displays pricing for our state reporting file generation services. In addition to the cost per form, there's a $99 yearly subscription fee that's charged when you complete your first order for each tax year.

All federally tax-exempt interest forms have a one-time, $99, setup fee charged to the first order of the tax year. There's no charge unless an order is placed.

For pricing on 1099/W-2, ACA, and 1042-S forms, please read the following articles:

*Pricing subject to change.

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