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1099-NEC eFile service | 1099, W-2, and 1042-S reporting

eFileMyForms offers online filing of tax forms 1098, 1099 (including 1099-NEC), W-2, and 1042-S. With our full-service online filing service, we print your forms for you, mail them to your recipients and electronically file your forms with the IRS/SSA. It's simple, fast, cost-effective, and complete. No 1096, W-3, or 1042-T is needed because we file electronically.

Using the Print, Mail, and eFile service

  1. Import or manually enter your filers, recipients, and filing information into the data entry pages. You can also upload your information with a comma-delimited text, tab-delimited text, or XLS file.
  2. Add the forms to your shopping cart and use the checkout process to pay for them.
  3. We print your filings on IRS-approved forms.
  4. We mail the recipient copy via U.S. Postal Service to your recipients. PDF versions of your forms are always available online for you to download and print.
  5. We electronically send your filings to the appropriate tax reporting agency before the filing deadline.

Your filings can’t be electronically sent until your order has been paid for. If you want your filings to meet their filing deadlines, you need to pay for your order on or before the submission dates that we indicate after you log in to eFileMyForms.

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