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All filer and recipient information in this article was created for reference. Please use your own information when filling out forms.

Creating Federally tax-exempt State Interest forms with eFileMyForms

You can also import files from Excel instead of creating them manually. Importing forms allows you to create multiple forms at once in eFileMyForms instead of creating one at a time. For more information, read our Importing forms from Excel article.

  1. Click Add New Form.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Add New Form button.

  2. On the Start a New Filing page, select the type of tax-exempt interest form you want to create. For this example, the MN FS-19 form will be selected.

    Image of the Start a New Filing page with a callout on the Federally Tax exempt State interest forms.

  3. Select which filer you would like to report the form from. To select a filer, click the circle icon in the Select column. Once you’ve selected the filer, click Continue.

    Image of the New Form page with a callout on the filer Select column.

  4. Next, select a recipient. To select a recipient, click the circle icon next to the recipient’s TIN number. Once you’ve selected the recipient, click Continue.

    Image of the New Form page with a callout on the Continue button.

  5. On the form, fill in the boxes with your information and then click Save Form.

    Image of a MN FS-19 form with a callout on the Save Form button.

  6. The form is now ready for filing. You can click Add Filing to Cart to place an order or you can click Create another Form to create another form of the same type.

    Image of the Filing Saved page with a callout on the Add Filing to Cart button and Create another Form button.

  7. When you’re ready, add your forms to your cart and go through the checkout process. For more information about this process, please read our How to place an order article.

Additional options after placing an order

eFileMyForms gives you access to some additional options after placing an order. These options are designed to help you save or send copies of your forms in a variety of formats. To access these options, follow these steps.

  1. Click Order History.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Order History button.

  2. Click the order number with your tax-exempt forms in the Order Number column.

    Image of the Order History page with a callout on the Order Number column.

  3. On the Order Details page, you can select from the following options:
  • You can email forms to a recipient by clicking the envelope icon in the Email
  • Click Get PDFs to download PDF copies of your forms.
  • Click Print Receipt to print out the receipt for your order.
  • Click Get File to generate and download an Excel file version of your forms. You’ll need to send to the FTP yourself. eFileMyForms doesn’t eFile tax-exempt forms or 592-B forms.
  • Click Totals Report to generate and print a totals report for your order.
  • Click Summary Report to generate and print a summary report for your order.
  • Click External ID Listing to download a corrections report in a TAB format.

    Image of the Order Details page with callouts on the Email column, Get PDFs button, Print Receipt button, Get File button, Totals Report button, Summary Report button, and External ID Listing button.

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