How to generate CA 592 (Quarterly) and Exempt Interest forms

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State reporting files for CA 592 Quarterly and Exempt Interest forms can be generated after placing a successful order with eFileMyForms. This feature is recommended for filers who are required to file their employees’ health coverage information to the state. does NOT file CA 592 Quarterly forms, but you can download them as PDFs for self-filing following the steps in this article.

In this example, the order has two CA 592-B forms under the same filer.

  1. Click Order History.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Order History button.

  2. Select the order you want to generate a report for by clicking its order number in the Order # column.

    Image of the Order History page with a callout on the Order Number column.

  3. On the Order Details page, click Get File. This will generate and download your state reporting files.

    Image of the Order Details page with a callout on the Get File button.

  4. The state reporting files that are generated will differ depending on the contents of your order.
    • CA 592 Quarterly
      • Clicking Get File will generate and download a zip file containing your information in an XLS file that you can use to submit to the CA FTB website.
      • If you complete an order with multiple filers, you will receive multiple zip files separated by filer. Each file needs to be individually filed with the state.
    • Tax Exempt Interest
      • This will download a .txt file if there’s only one reporting entity/state. If there are multiple reporting entities/states a .zip file will be generated.

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