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As an eFileMyForms customer, you're automatically enrolled in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CFSF) when you file certain 1099 forms with eFileMyForms. Through CFSF, the IRS will electronically file original information returns to participating states for approved filers. For more information, read our Combined Federal/State Filing article.

eFileMyForms’ 1099-NEC state filing is an optional service that you can add to your order during checkout.

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The 1099-NEC state filing add-on does the following:

  • Verifies relevant State IDs, State Withholding numbers, Box 7 State Income complete, and any other required information in your eligible forms
  • Checks your cart for forms that require direct state filing
  • Directly files your 1099-NEC forms with their required states

eFileMyForms’ 1099-NEC state reporting through the Combined Federal State Filing Program (CF/SF) covers the following states:

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 1.58.09 PM.png

Many states that participate in the CF/SF program for other form types may require additional direct reporting of the 1099-NEC. The states listed in the previous table will accept the 1099-NEC through the CF/SF program for the tax year 2022. For these states, 1099-NEC return information will be forwarded by the IRS through the CF/SF program free of charge with your Federal eFile order.

The following table details whether or not a state supports 1099-NEC direct state reporting:

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 1.59.28 PM.png

eFileMyForms can file 1099-NEC forms directly to states that require reconciliation forms. However, you will need to submit the reconciliation form yourself through the respective state. 1099-NEC state filings filed through eFileMyForms will not be valid unless you file your reconciliation form(s).


1099-NEC state filing cost $1.49 per eligible form. For most states, eFileMyForms auto-files with the state through the Combined Federal/State Filing program. You’ll not be charged for forms that are covered by auto-filing even if you choose to use this add-on service.

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