How to update your payment information

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The payment information in this article is an example. When updating your payment information make sure to enter your own information.

Changing saved payment information

  1. Click the Account tab and then select Account and Payments from the dropdown menu.

    Image of the Home page with a callout on the Account tab.

    Image of the Account dropdown menu with a callout on the Account and Payments button.

  2. On the Account and Payments page, you can update your billing information and payment information. For payment information, you can click Remove this card to delete your saved credit card information or Replace this card to immediately edit your payment information.

    Image of the Billing Address page with a callout on the Payment Information box.

  3. When you’ve finished updating your payment information click Update Account.

Image of the Billing Address with a callout on the Update Account button.

You can also update your payment information during the first step of the checkout process.

Image of the Checkout page.



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